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      Some tips for using TooFast.vip:443

      chunk · pubsub.toofast.vip / tech · Wednesday, 7 December, 2022 - 16:05 · 3 minutes

    TooFast.vip hosts a style modified instance of Movim

    There are some quirks for a newcomer to any current Movim instance, particularly this one, that might make it difficult to explore and I wanted to make a list of some things that you can do to get a ball rolling in it. One might find the lack of content in the drop in page after logging in a bit discouraging however this is what you can do:

    • Go to explore menu item > communities servers > look around in there and anything you like or would like to see show up for you in your news area and hit subscribe
    • Don't be afraid to subscribe to stuff as it's easy to unsubscribe and from my experiences so far it's not going to ping your other XMPP clients when updated.

    Some notes on your settings:

    • If you're afraid of NSFW content, like at all, do not enable that option as things will probably occur, at least on this instance ^^
    • If you don't want to redirect to the news page upon logging in then change the setting where it says to go to chat page after login. This might feel better for many people that aren't so interested in the pubsub portion of this app.
    • Dark mode styles on TooFast.vip are not currently complete yet, but still look really cool.
    • If you change your instance nickname your name title on Movim anywhere will be changed. That option is on the second tab.
    • Adhoc settings for your JID should work in the Actions tab
    • Blocking users is not finished yet on TooFast.vip as the git version grabbed for this instance originally was before that completed. I am unsure of the upstream status on that feature.
    • You can add a few things to your JID from this instance that will carry with your JID as a vcard information and some of or all will persist on your other clients. Including a little bio, avatar and a webpage, etc.
    • Don't be shy and make yourself public! Most of the movim instances don't at this time seem to promote this available feature type but I do!

    Some friendly but pressing suggestions for the pubsub use:

    • If you're around on XMPP much and you wish to publish some content you are most welcome to ask me and see if I'd be willing to create a community for you. It's suprisingly easy to do, as I'm suprisingly easy going.
    • If you have the ability to post a post please makes sure that you make it public, there is a toggle at top of post, this is extremely important to my testing of a feature I wish for on this application and if you wish to have any comments you will need to toggle it public.
    • #hashtags are encouraged to use at the bottom of your posts.
    • If you're coming from a self hosted server without a pubsub service I'd be willing to aid in your possibly configuring one to help enjoy this Movim style stuff. I've got a bit of hosting xmpp experience to help make it happen.
    • Please report all things that are disatisfactory or broken. I can give you a 🍪 aha, made of pixels :3 But honestly I, and others, would respect the effort for the greater good of us sharing this software :)

    Please note that TooFast.vip does not have a STUN/TURN server available and that may complicate audio/video for some users. It is not a desired feature at this time.

    Lastly a fun cool thing that anybody can inherit from using this website is you can have your own XMPP federated microblog! It will have a public URI if you make your profile public and add posts. You can click your avatar top left to see that. Here's an example: https://toofast.vip/?blog/cmdr_coconut%40toofast.vip

    Any concerns please message myself or another server admin 🛰️

    #tips #tutorial #help #movim #toofast #gettingstarted #whatdo #whereami #whatisthisplace

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      Is Microsoft going to get a lawsuit?

      cmdr_coconut · pubsub.toofast.vip / tech · Wednesday, 30 November, 2022 - 20:35 edit

    And yet they are trying to amend the rules with changed wording, outright lie about it and do nothing in the way of cooperating with a friendly legal entity, not hoarding personal data. What is this mad lust for people's information?

    "Germany's federal and state data protection authorities (DSK) have raised concerns about the compatibility of Microsoft 365 with data protection laws in Germany and the wider European Union."

    "According to the German watchdog's report [PDF], which was written after two years of negotiations with Microsoft, the body says that the product "remains in breach" of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)."

    There is more if you follow the link below.

    #microsoft #GDPR #software #privacy

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      Linux addicts exhibit many strange habits

      cmdr_coconut · pubsub.toofast.vip / tech · Saturday, 26 November, 2022 - 09:26

    Linux addicts exhibit many strange habits for working professional such as:

    • Owning computers for ten or more years with out complaining of the computer slowing down
    • Expanding IT operations at staggering rates with little to no capital or credit
    • Carrying around hand labelled live CD's that they claim aren't pirated programs
    • Developing top notch software even though you know for a fact they never paid for development software
    • Long hair
    • Never complaining about unwanted desktop popups
    • Smiling for no apparent reason when the casual conversation turns to high cost of MS licensing
    • Claiming to have access to photoshop quality photo tools that are free
    • Scruffy beards and very casual clothes
    • Sniggering when network engineers talk about IIS and Exchange problems
    • Instead of cowering in the corner on black Tuesday, they look happy and relaxed

    #linux #techjokes #FOSS

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      Some thoughts about Movim + Prosody currently

      cmdr_coconut · pubsub.toofast.vip / tech · Thursday, 27 October, 2022 - 20:25 edit · 1 minute

    chunk here, hi. I am stoked for the eventually upcoming prosody 0.13 (currently 0.12) because I was roaming around the web and discovered a prosody blog post: modern xmpp auth

    I am having an angry time lately trying to understand how Movim allows/disallows commenting from users on posts from users and was looking around for a reason why and it appears that currently Prosody has only one user attribute in terms of access to pubsub. Owner, or not. Yes or no, basically. Seems kinda archaic but this is part of the difficulty with using Movim as only a node (which is a post, comment or community) creator is owner. Owner can do all with it, everyone else, it seems, I can't figure that part out yet LoL.. Movim docs say to allow permissions to comments.domain.tld to allow everybody but nobody will help me figure out if I've done that correctly unfortunately as movim's support forum offers no support, at all, not for me anyways.

    Prosody is going to create it's own internal roles for users that by the sounds of it sounds like it will allow some really cool programming:

    We are adding support for arbitrary roles, and allowing you to fully customize the permissions associated with each role. Users and even individual sessions can be assigned roles.

    This should (hopefully) allow movim developers to catch up (hopefully) quickly once the release of this prosody update, and then the permissions for typical social media usage will be more realistic. In case this sounds like an ZOMG issue, it is kind of, but I refuse to use any other type of XMPP server software so sadly we wait.

    Another idea I had for Movim modification to make the post/message user experience less wtf was to hardcode PHP throughout it to just make it happen on movim's database, but that will highly likely cause future issues and is no way a clean solution or solution at all so since this app was kinda meant to have XMPP as it's core. XMPP as it's core is bottlenecked by XMPP server software you see.

    XMPP itself has everything and more. Since it's an open protocol completely dominated by open source projects to make it function we all have to work together as community. I would like to help out but that's a long way off still :)

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      An Idea I have for Rewriting BashBlog

      chunk · pubsub.toofast.vip / tech · Friday, 14 October, 2022 - 05:09 edit · 1 minute

    Hello there, chunk here. I was just going to tell about an idea that I have that correlates well with one of my current studies. I am the owner of this blog that uses bashblog and I have mildy, lol, customized it. However enjoying it's simplicity I think there's a lot of room for adding things like modules to it or something as simple as CSS upgrades. Every other bashblog I've seen was on the tildeverse and was ever boring and simple. I thought to make something that I didn't require as much as an entire Laravel framework (I love this framework) to implement. I have made a fully kitted out Laravel based blog a couple of times before.

    So my grand idea is in fact not to use BASH. I want to rewrite it in python. As function per function just like the bashblog code does with some exceptions. I thought to mirror what each function does as a python function instead. I've been working on learning python at a slightly more accelerated pace as of recently. Mostly for my errbot XMPP/IRC bot which I have a few plugins I'm constantly working on here.

    I would do this mostly for enjoyment sake but also to allow more dynamic additions such as a wysiwyg editor, an smtp mail function that handles a list of email addresses, an RSS feed, other types of html forms with function abilities and more. I think doing this in python can explode the amount of stuff you can do with it so I am going to attempt to rewrite the bashblog with python to do this.

    I hope you all are enjoying TooFast.vip and the movim instance. This gives me gratitude for this host it's served on and I long live toofast.vip! o/

    #chunk #the8woodcutter #bashblog #python #toofast #blogging