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      Prav iOS fundraiser

      ravi · Tuesday, 27 February - 13:12 · 3 visibility

    We need your help! In our experience, onboarding #iOS users to #XMPP is inconvenient right now compared to Android - there is no #Quicksy like phone number/SMS OTP sign up. Developing a convenient and easy-to-onboard XMPP iOS app is one of our top priorities.

    Help us and the whole XMPP ecosystem by contributing to the #Prav iOS app fundraiser at the following link 👉 https://opencollective.com/prav-ios. Prav iOS app will be Free/Libre Software[1] following our track record of transparency and privacy.

    Due to network effects, a messaging app is not just a personal choice and even a single contact of yours having iOS can affect wider adoption of XMPP (we also don't like #Apple but we feel this is an essential step for adoption of XMPP by people outside the Free Software circles).

    Remember that whatever be the amount, every donation counts 🙂

    [1] https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-even-more-important.html

    #Introduction time. My name is Ravi and I am from India. I am a #freesoftware and #privacy activist. I am a part of #prav (https://prav.app), a chat app focused towards mass adoption of #XMPP.

    I have studied postgraduate in #mathematics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and I currently work as a freelancer at artofproblemsolving.com. Additionally, I contribute to #debian, #openstreetmap and #libreoffice.

    I blog at https://ravidwivedi.in . Hope to meet nice people here.